Is Your Religion of Any Worth?

Written by: Christopher Sernaque

Is Your Religion of Any Worth?

All of Heaven is interested in the salvation of man

Yet, those who need it most despise the Heavenly Plan

Yes, they go to church, and they listen to the Pastor speak

But, like devils they live for the rest of the entire week

Yes, we go to church, and we hear the angels sing

But with our sin, much grief to the heart of God we bring

You go to church and talk of the transforming love of God

Yet, your inner secret thoughts show your act to be a fraud

Am I to be left in darkness, left in the sin’s miry hole?

Left to perish in shame in guilt, with no healer to console?

No, the Friend of Calvary can save our sin sick souls!

No, the Friend of Calvary has power to make us whole!

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