Islam in Revelation 9

Written by: Christopher Sernaque

Dear Reader,

1. Revelation 8:1 and Acts 16:5

2. Revelation 8:1 is discussing the 7th Seal.

3. Revelation 8:2 is discussing the 7 Trumpets.

4. We are living under the 7th Seal so we need to understand the 7 Trumpets.

5. The golden censer is mentioned in mentioned in (Revelation 8:2-6) so it is referring to 1844. (Hebrews 9:3 and Leviticus 16)

6. Trumpets represent messages (Isaiah 58:1- 1 Corinthians 14:8)

7. God divided the 7 Trumpets into two groups.

8. The first four trumpets are called “Trumpets”, while the last 3 trumpets are called “Woes.”

9. We are living under the 7th Trumpet, which is the 3rd Woe.

10. When Constantine died he divided Rome into 3 divisions with his three sons. There was a western, eastern, and central.

11. The 5th Angel is the 1st Woe. (Revelation 8:13-Revelation 9:1-13)

12. 5th Trumpet and 1st Woe is Islam! (Revelation 9:1-10)

13. We first find Locust in Egypt in the Bible.

14. Locust symbolize fierce warriors. (Isaiah 33:4)

15. The Locust came from East to West in Egypt. (Exodus 10:13) To the East of Egypt you have the Middle East (Arabia, Iran, Syria etc.) are all east of Egypt and the Red Sea.

16. In order to understand where the warriors come from go back to where the original locus came from. (Exodus 10:13)

17. In Exodus 10:13-19 Locus came into Egypt from the East and got blown out by the West Wind sent by God.

18. Tails signify lying prophets, according to Isaiah 9:15.

19. Muhammad is that lying prophet that came from the East.

20. Revelation 9:2- The Locus cover the sun, and so all that is left are the stars and the moon (Genesis 1:16). Islam’s insignia is that of the moon and the stars.

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