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July 4th Evangelism

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Written by: Christopher Sernaque

Dear Readers,

Christ Jesus Ministries went to Washington D.C. on July 4th, 2019 to sharing the message of the Everlasting Gospel. We were able to hand out over 14,000 “Cloak of Secrecy” flyers and boxes of Great Controversy books. The documentary, “Cloak of Secrecy: The Religion of the Federal Reserve”, has already been translated in German and will soon be translated in French and Spanish. Before the Spanish and French versions are released, we wanted to take the time to share a little bit about the origins, intentions, and fruitage of the documentary project. We pray that these testimonials are an encouragement to any who seek to win souls for Christ.

The genesis of this documentary is found in the research that my brother Casey conducted in November of 2018. At this time, the yellow vest protests were occurring, and Casey found that Macron’s economic polices stem from the fact that he was once apart of the Rothschild banking dynasty. My brother and I came together and began to research the material on this subject and we found that the information was so compelling it begged to be made into a documentary presentation. We researched several historians, Avro Manhattan and F. Paul Peterson. I read Ron Paul’s book “End the Fed” and got the audio book “The Creature of Jekyll Island.” We outlined our ideas, put our research in the categories we outlined, and then wrote out the script. After our Uncle donated some camera equipment we began to film in both D.C. and on set. From there, the finishing touches on the documentary were put on by Casey and it was released on July 3rd.

We began our work on July 3rd. Immediately exiting the car, I saw a large crowd of people approaching. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit softened the heart of the individual at the front of the crowd, and once they received the Cloak of Secrecy Flyer, nearly everyone behind them wanted a flyer as well. Eventually, after getting to give out flyers to various people all across the National Mall, we (the Sernaque family), got to meet up with Brother Timo Hoffman and Sister Anne Hoffman. Traveling together by car, we parked near the Capital and then approached the Supreme Court, so Brother Timo could do interviews. In a sea of faces, we navigated our networking and were able to give out flyers as we walked to SCOTUS. Once we were stationed there, Brother Timo began to interview individuals presenting to them the Everlasting Gospel, along with a flyer and a Great Controversy. I had the privilege of getting to give two Latter-Day Saint missionaries Great Controversy books, after I expressed appreciate for their church’s overall friendliness and dress standards. Since their founder, Joseph Smith, died in the year 1844, I told them that the Great Controversy explains the prophetic significance of the year that Joseph Smith died and both missionaries, Alexander and Carver, walked away eagerly skimming through the book.

There were a few other individuals who received the Gospel, including several officers and the SCOTUS secretary. At the Supreme Court’s right-hand side, I saw a man, whose name I found was David, studying a journal of notes and engaged him in conversation. Being a history enthusiast, David, listened as I presented the prophecy of Daniel 2 and he was able to identify each of the empires in their order. He eagerly listened as I introduced Ellen White as the world’s most translated female author and the Great Controversy as fascinating and inspired literature. He looked up the Great Controversy PDF on his phone and accepted the Cloak of Secrecy flyer. Brother Timo reached out to many souls through his interviews and my family and I were able to pass out many Cloak of Secrecy flyers. July 3rd was a productive day.

July 4th brought a whole new series of individuals to Washington D.C. and we were able to interact with many individuals. Brother Timo continued to conduct interviews while his beloved Sister Anne filmed them and in the course of dialoguing with his interviewees, several of them accepted the Sabbath. I myself ended up sharing the Sabbath truth in an interview with a Falun Dafa member. Those who practice Falun Dafa are currently being persecuted in China. They were represented in the National Independence Day parade and interviewed me after seeing me alongside the parade giving out flyers.

A delightful fact was that the current topic that the documentary highlighted, namely the Federal Reserve, was a hit with President Trump’s supporters, several of whom eagerly passed out flyers themselves. Casey had met one of the Presidents supporters by the name of CJ. CJ was a kindhearted person who liked to volunteer his time in taking care of senior citizens with cancer. CJ continued to pass out the flyers while we moved on to our next location. I met another one of the President’s supporters by the name of Veronica. She was a kind-hearted individual who I was able to open with and share the truth about the 2nd chapter of Daniel and my own personal testimony. Casey was carrying the flyers and Great Controversy books around in the cart and curious people would inquire about the materials and take one with them after speaking with him. Something similar happened to Caylee; individuals came to her to receive flyers because they were intrigued. There were even people who encouraged her and Casey by saying, “Keep doing what your doing!” Caylee and Sister Anne worked closely together traveling to different sides of the crowd as people came into contact with them and were drawn to them by the cart.

Our parents enthusiastically gave out flyers and books. My Father wore a backpack that was full of books and had to keep coming back to repack after the books went into the hands of souls in need of salvation. There are many more stories that I could share with you, dear reader, but for the sake of space and time I’ll just say that you will see the rest when you get to Heaven! God bless you.

In Christ Jesus,

Christopher Sernaque

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