Praise Him Over and Over Again

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

Written by: Christopher Sernaque

Dear Readers,

To "extol" someone or something is to "praise enthusiastically." In fact, in this final set of readings in the book of Psalms, every Psalm from the 146th to the final begins with the phrase, "Praise ye the LORD." The 145th starts the entire final series of praises with David extolling, or enthusiastically praising, God King. Even though David was himself a king, he still addressed God with the supplication, "O King." (Ps 145:1) Thus, we are brought to the conclusion that we are whatever portion of God's Image He decides to reveal in us. God, Himself King, found it fitting to make David, a sinful and finite human, King of Israel. God gave unto David a title that belongs to Himself. God gave honor to a man. Far from the selfish tyrant that Satan makes God out to be, God, though He is almighty, is also humble. This truly is a most magnificent thought. We have a God who is not proud even though His "greatness is unsearchable." (Ps 145:3) Let us keep God's great goodness in our memory as David did, for we can rely on God's gracious and all compassionate mercy. (Ps 145:4-6) When we "call upon him in truth" then He will be "nigh unto us" and at last we shall have our hearts desire in due season as we bless His name every day. (Ps 145:2, 15-18)

There are times when we find that circumstances are overwhelming, and of course, we are always told not to "put our trust in princes" and trust solely in God because then and only then will we be happy. (Ps 146:3, 5) This, of course, is true, but why is this true? God the Creator of sight can see what we are blind to. God the Resurrection can animate what we deem lifeless. God the Lover can touch our tenderest parts and mend us. (Ps 146:8) Those three answers are only part of why the third verse is true. The final truth lies in the ninth verse. God can turn the wicked world upside down. (Ps 146:9) The Kingship of God, as presented in the last Psalm, was the message in the New Testament that turned the world upside down. (Acts 17:6-7) Please do not be overwhelmed and begin to push away the God and those among His children that love you and want to see you hope in the Lord and keep truth forever. (Ps 146:5-6)

The Lord whose "understanding is infinite" sympathizes with the outcast whose lot is a shameful solitude. (Ps 147:2, 5) It is very difficult to have a broken heart. Our chest, which naturally rises, is crestfallen. Our heads are hung low. Our eyes burn with tears and our mouth cannot utter our praises to God as we would want it to. Perhaps, we then write out our prayers, and as we write we begin to realize that God is still leading and will bind up our broken hearts. (Ps 147:3) Our God knows every star by name. (Ps 147:4) There are more stars than we could ever count in our lifetime. Yet, though He is busying recalling the stars, God still has time to lift up the meek. (Ps 147:6) When you have a broken heart, do not ask for God's vengeance. Ask for God's compassion because the Lord takes pleasure in those who hope in mercy. (Ps 147:11) God's Word "runneth very swiftly" and so peace should be in thy borders shortly. (Ps 147: 15,14)

How can we have peace within our borders, or with those we love, when there are differences between us and them? The sun and moon are very different. Mankind has landed on the moon and some of our footprints are still there to this day. Yet, we have not landed on the plasmatic surface of the sun. It seems as though the sun is inaccessible to man, except, the sunshine is all around us and is a token of love. The sun's energy sends electrons traveling from one photosystem to another and the moon regulates the earth's seasons. Both of these great lights are necessary to bring glory to God. Even though we may be different than those we love or those who love us may be different from us a diversity of character goes a long way in terms of uplifting each other. So, let us love and praise the Lord as the sun and the moon unites to bring glory to the one who Created them. (Ps 148:3)

Though the sun has risen there are times when either backache or heartache, make it seem as though it is impossible to leave the bed. However, "the Lord taketh pleasure in his people" and he wants to make us beautiful through His salvation. (Ps 149:4) When our hearts and backs are broken let's sing to God upon our beds with His Word. (Ps 149:5,6; Eph 6:17) God is still mighty and excellent. (Ps 150:2)

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