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Prayer Needed for Spiritual Battles

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Written by: John Sernaque

Dear Reader,

Books / Pr - Prayer (2002) / Chapter 2—Our Need Of Prayer

Chapter 2—Our Need Of Prayer

Prayer Needed for Spiritual Strength—The reason why some are restless is, that they do not go to the only true source for happiness. They are ever trying to find out of Christ that enjoyment which is found alone in Him. In Him are no disappointed hopes. Oh how is the precious privilege of prayer neglected! The reading of the word of God prepares the mind for prayer. One of the greatest reasons why many have so little disposition to draw near to God by prayer is, that they have unfitted themselves for this sacred work by reading fascinating stories, which have excited the imagination and aroused unholy passions. The word of God becomes distasteful; the hour of prayer is not thought of. Prayer is the strength of the Christian. When alone, he is not alone; he feels the presence of One who has said, “Lo, I am with you alway.”(The Review and Herald, March 11, 1880.) {Pr 31.2}

Satan is always ready to distract God’s children, whispering his temptations in the ears of those who have drifted away from God. When one neglects their prayer life, it is the time when one is most vulnerable, and without the protection of God. When one becomes absorbed with all the noise from Hollywood and the internet, and is aroused by earthly passions, one is separated from God. Sin is what separates us from God. It is difficult to hear God’s voice. We need to read the Word of God and prayer for a strong Spiritual life. God is always with you, calling you to return to Him, if only you could hear His voice.

Dear God,

We come into Your presence in thanksgiving and praise, and to bring our petitions before Thee. We thank You for Your Spirit and Truth, Your Holy Scriptures, the Word. You are our true source of peace and joy. Happiness on earth is fleeting, but You are from everlasting to everlasting. We pray for that peace and joy that only You can bring us. We lay all our cares and burdens at the foot of Your throne and ask that You give us rest. We thank You for Your promise, that You will never leave us nor forsake us, that You will be with us always. We are truly sorry we have sinned against You and humbly repent of our sinful ways. We pray that we may receive Your strength and courage, power from on High, to not backslide and become separated from Your presence. Grant us wisdom, understanding, and discernment to not engage in the things of this world. To not be distracted and influenced by all the media outlets which we are constantly bombarded with that distracts us from being in Your Word. Please keep us from all devices that Satan uses to drown out the sound of Your voice, so that when You come knocking on the doors of our hearts, that we may hear Your voice and let You in. Please grant us wisdom and understanding when we open up Your Word, that we may receive Your character and light, and reflect Your light unto this dark world. Please give us the opportunity to share Your Word with others that they may receive You and understand the power of prayer. May we all strengthen our Spiritual life and find that enjoyment which is found only in You. We thank You for the privilege of prayer. We thank You Father, we thank You Christ Jesus, and we thank You Holy Spirit. We lift up our prayers, in the name of Christ Jesus. Amen.

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