Set a Watch

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

Written by: Christopher Sernaque

Dear Readers,

The Bible is a book that outlines God as the moral standard of righteousness. King David said that when he is smitten by righteousness, it is an act of God's kindness. (Ps 141:5) That's an incredible statement, and prior to that statement, David focused on two very important aspects of his life, his words and his actions. David prayed that God would establish a "watch" before his mouth as if to say that he wanted God to put sentinels in front of his mouth to regulate the words that would pour forth from his heart. (Ps 141:3) David asked God to regulate his speech after expressing the fact that he was in deep emotional pain and he wanted his prayer to be sacrificial. (Ps 141:1-2)

When we go through the anguish and tumultuous heartache, it is at that time when we must ask God to help us to speak words of sweetness and trust. (Ps 141:6,8) David also asked God to keep him from both the work and the dainties of the wicked. (Ps 141:4) To practice wicked works, in one sense, is to be ungrateful for the blessings that God has given us. (Neh 9:35) To partake of the dainties of the wicked is to practice deceitfulness. (Prov 23:3) It is difficult, in our fallen state, to be both grateful and genuine, to be thankful and truthful, but by keeping our eyes in trust on God our souls will not be left destitute. (Ps 141:8)

God will not leave us to our cries, and like David, we are free to pour out our complaints and troubles before God and trust in Him as our refuge, especially when no one else seems to care for us. (Ps 142:1-5) At this present moment, we may feel that our persecutors are stronger than us and that our souls have been imprisoned, but Truth will make us free and God will bless us bountifully. (Ps 142:6-7, Jn 8:32)

For those of us who have entered into the darkness of depression and are currently overwhelmed by our lot in life, we can be healed when we remember the good old days with God and in our lives and God's creative power. (Ps 143:5-6) When we think of our past victories, we will long for more and will thirst for God to speedily take us out of the pit we are in. (Ps 143:5-7) The only way for our souls to be brought out of trouble is to hear God's loving kindness in the morning and trust in Jesus. (Ps 143:11,8)

Lastly, though humanity has been graced with an inner resilience, we are nothing in comparison to the Maker of humanity. (Ps 144:1-5) Let us sing unto God a new song, a purposeful and bold song of praise, trust, and victory. (Ps 33:3, 40:3, 98:1, 144:9) As we go to God to serve Him, we will sometimes encounter those who use the sword of the Spirit to hurt others, but God can deliver as He delivered David from those who stab others with the sword of the Spirit. (Ps 144:10, Eph 6:17) Once, we are rid of lying then our families, our children and our household will be happy with nothing to complain about. (Ps 144:11-15)

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