The Pilgrim’s Last Great Struggle

Written by: Caylee Sernaque

How will I meet my Savior in peace, if I have one blot of sin?

From earth, heaven’s a sweet release, there I want to dwell in

Refrain: Time after time I’ve searched my heart, and now I’m searching again.

Is my character perfect, are all my sins gone? I want to meet Jesus at home.

Cleanse me and make me whiter than snow, let me be faithful to Him.

I don’t want to hear that cock crow, I don’t want to turn Christ in.

Search me and try me, dear Savior now, is there any fault in me?

Earnestly praying, on my knees I do bow, like thou in Gethsemane.

Wrestling like Jacob, this is the last test, will I be able to pass?

Will I in heavenly Canaan rest, and walk on that sea of glass?


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