The Vatican's Role in Economical Instability: The UN and UNCTAD Promote the Common Good

Written by: Christopher Sernaque

Dear Readers,

In the "pursuit of happiness", humanity will sometimes bypass a chance to do something momentous, only to wait to perform that same object years, or decades down the line. On an individual level, there are times when we should have "struck while the iron was hot", but we ended up completing our goal, albeit at a later time. The most powerful political and religious organization in the world, namely the Vatican, has recently made the claim that they had a goal to accomplish in the financially turbulent year 2008. What this goal is will be deduced from the Vatican's role in the United Nations and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. Rest assured, the happiness that you are pursuing is in jeopardy if the goals of the Vatican are achieved.

Pope Francis' envoy, Cardinal Peter Turkson, is the leader of the Vatican's self-appointed work of “Humanam progressionem”, which is Latin for the phrase, "Human Development." Mr. Turkson is an official source for the Vatican and has worked in connection with the Trade and Development Board. Thus, his comments cannot be brushed aside as conspirator nonsense. Listen to the Vatican report lament the missed opportunity to take over the global economy in 2008's economic disaster: "A chance was lost to reform the global economy in the decade since the 2008 financial crisis." Take note of the way this was phrased. Can you almost hear the yearning desires of the Vatican to implement another financial crisis? They are not looking for a second chance for repentance, but a second chance to wreak destruction! The Vatican is attempting to craftily place itself in a position where they are in control of the financial supply. Even though the Papacy is attempting to devise arguments in her favor, their premises lead to a conclusion that negates their position! Observe Mr. Turkson's words:

"Mr. Turkson said that the Holy See had a duty to speak out on the ethics of economic-financial systems and development because “development is about the human person” and the well-being of the human person was clearly a church matter.

While this argument sounds plausible at first, it cannot hold its ground. Here we find that the Vatican is not just meddling in the political affairs of nations and individuals, but in the world’s economic transactions. Mr. Turkson linked finance to development, development to the human person, and the human person to the church. He is acting as though the Roman Catholic Church is the final head, but he is forgetting one very important aspect. The human person’s well-being is the CONCERN OF CHRIST, for it is in Him that we even have our being! (Acts 17:28) Now let us see what Christ had to say about the church meddling in the affairs of economics: “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.” Matthew 22:21 Thus, taking his argument to its logical conclusion actually refutes his premise that the church should intermingle itself into the financial systems of the world. While the Papacy has not taken the time to make sure that its arguments follow through, the Papacy has made sure that its church and state union with the United Nations and the UNCTAD has been maintained:

The Holy See has had observer status in the United Nations system since 1964, and is a full member of UNCTAD.“It is in our view indispensable that we find our way back to a global financial system that is again built on firm ethical principles and their daily application, of justice, truth fairness and solidarity,” Mr. Turkson said. “I am sure that the Holy See and UNCTAD share a deep commitment to these values and objectives,” he said.

There are a few noteworthy items from the above selection. Foremost we find that the Vatican is speaking about how their principles are in the financial systems of the world. Solidarity is a key phrase that indicates the destruction of the enemies of the Vatican through various unions. Take for instance the union that Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II had with Poland’s Solidarity Movement. It was this union that helped to rub out the Papal adversary, which was the Communistic Ideologies of Russia. Before we consider the next point, there is another signal phrase that has to do with explaining Papal agendas. This phrase is, “The Common Good”, which means that individuals must give up their personal liberty in order for the Vatican’s agenda to succeeded. Both the UNCTAD and the UN, claim that their objective is to push the “common-good” which, as the Bible outlines in Revelation 13, is a National Sunday Law that would pay homage to the Papacy:

“The UN shifted from designing codes of conduct to curb the influence of transnational corporations to inviting them to join a global compact to further the common good.”-

“International organizations like UNCTAD speak about “global common good”.-

Here we have found that the United Nations and the UNCTAD are both working to help promulgate the Roman Catholic’ Churches guiding principles. Now that we understand the United Nation’s subservient role to the Roman Catholic Church, the following statements from the United Nation, can be seen in an entirely different light:

The year 2008 provides a unique opportunity to enhance the central role of the United Nations in world affairs.

As the vast international agenda expands the possibilities for collective action by States and people, it also calls on us to strengthen the capacity of the Organization to serve nations and populations in need, while upholding the principles of the Charter and values of the United Nations.

In the year ahead, I propose to proceed on three fronts simultaneously. I will work to deliver results; to create a stronger UN through full accountability of all parties; and to advance the global common good by securing global public goods.

Now here is a vital question. Is it a coincidence that the same year the world experienced a global financial crisis, is the same year the UN was strengthened to advance the common good, or the agenda of the Roman Catholic Church?Coincidence, No prophetic!

“Pope's Envoy Decries Lost Chance to Reform Global Finance System.” UNCTAD | Press Release, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, 6 June 2018,

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