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The most important questions relate to our origin. After all, we would not even be able to ask questions if we did not exist! However, how did we get here? Genesis Under a Microscope presents straight forward answers to the most common questions about the Creation or Evolution controversy. There is nothing more important because the implications of this controversy are far reaching. When taking a close up look at the scientific models, remember, the Truth saves.

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What would you do if you had the opportunity to interview Jesus? Pilate did. When Pilate was questioning Jesus, he asked “What is Truth?” Pilate never stuck around for the answer, but that should not stop us. We in our day can ask Christ the same question, “What is Truth?” and go to the Word of God for our answer. The Pilate’s Interview podcast will investigate the Truths of the Word of God and host interviews or discussions with theologians, pastors, and historians.

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Scientific research can take years, even decades, to become published. Once published in the media, scientific research gives way to scientific reporting. Because of the fast-past nature of reporting, it can be easy to simply accept the evolutionary notions that are left unchallenged. This podcast addresses breaking scientific news in light of the origins debate, and host interviews with scientists.

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The Bible is an astounding collection of books. These books are the word of God, one inspired unified message. It is with hope of providing clarity and insight that these articles on the book of all books, the Bible, are written. For readers with questions, feel welcome to leave them in the comment section beneath each article.


God is a lover of poetry. In fact, the largest book in the Bible is a collection of 150 such poems called Psalms. In our day and age, poetry is still an outlet to express love for God. With each poem you read, do not forget that such expressions of love for God do not compare to His expression of love for us in the sacrifice of His Son.


For those who are called to do sacred work on Sabbath, or for those who want to make home church more organized, Christ Jesus Ministries presents Sabbath worship material. These outlines are resources that can be incorporated into church services or home services to help guide the elders or leaders as they strive to maintain gospel order. They also contain insights that anyone can enjoy if they have a heart yearning for Truth.


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