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The Privacy of Your Information

One of the principles outlined in the beginning of the Bible is that the home life is a private life. (Genesis 2:24) With this in mind, Christ Jesus Ministries does not share, sell, or otherwise distribute any personal information that is given to us by means of mail, electronic communication, or financial support. The name, address, contact information, and other personal details of the sharer will remain between Christ Jesus Ministries and the Lord.

Christ Jesus Ministries, upon receiving communication from viewers or supporters, collects the information that was shared and uses this information for responsive purposes. Thus, your name, address, email address, or phone number will not be shared with outsiders or third parties and will only be kept for the purposes of maintaining communication with you.

When commenting on any of the public forums that are featured on Christ Jesus Ministries, such as our social media platforms, all public comments are the responsibility of the commentator and any personal information shared on public forums must be shared at your own discretion.

Christ Jesus Ministries does not lease, rent, or sell your information to third parties. Furthermore, Christ Jesus Ministries does not make known personal information about you with regards to ethnicity, political affiliation, or religion without your consent.

Christ Jesus Ministries secures the personal information that you share with us from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Using a Secure Socket Layer protocol your personal information is protected by encryption.

The information on this page may be updated in the future so be sure to check back to take note of any updates. For questions, comments, or concerns on the policies of Christ Jesus Ministries send them to the following email address:

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