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General Rules for Christ Jesus Ministries Official Facebook Group

1. This group exists to exalt Christ Jesus and thus blasphemy is prohibited.

2. Vulgarity, profanity, curse words, slurs, derogatory/inflammatory/slanderous/libelous, and inappropriate/lewd language is prohibited.

3. Posts on conspiracy theories, fake news, satire, pro-flat-earth, pro-geocentricism, politics, anti-vaccination, anti-trinitarianism or pictures/images/videos embedded into Facebook will be deleted, and the poster blocked.

4. Pictures/images/videos embedded into Facebook will be deleted, and the poster may be blocked.

5. Personal promotion is allowed, so long as what is being promoted is obviously connected to the Gospel, i.e. an author/presenter can promote their own book on Christian apologetics or promote a link to their own sermon/lecture.

6. Posting X-rated/Nude content will result in blocking of poster and deletion of the post. Additionally, this group is not a Christian dating site. Posts attempting to initiate non-platonic relationships will be removed.

7. Racist/Bigoted posts will result in blocking of poster and the deletion of the post.

8. Random greeting posts, e.g. “Goodmorning!” without context or content may be removed. Greeting one another on the day of worship is permitted to the first person who posts, “Happy Sabbath!” It is a first come first serve policy to prevent the group from being overrun with “Happy Sabbath!” posts every week.

9. Posts that contain personal information, such as a social security number, phone number, or physical address, will be deleted.

10. For the sake of maintaining the group, individual posting is limited to one post per day.

11. Posts of quotations/claims must be backed up with a verifiable source. Unsubstantiated claims and extravagant assertions may not be approved and may be removed.

12. Posts of an overwhelming length may be removed. We encourage posters to keep their written posts, on one topic, under 1,000 words for the sake of brevity, although we may permit a longer post, if it stays on topic and falls in line with the rest of the Group rules.

13. The Admin are monolingual, and thus, for this time, all posts must be in English. If bilingual moderators come on board, this rule may be updated.

14. The Admin operate in Eastern Standard Time and thus can only be reached during their working hours of 9AM to 5PM EST. Contact made outside those times will be responded to in a timely fashion at the discretion of the Admin who are not obligated to provide a response to inquiry or comment.

15. By posting in this group you acknowledge that you take sole responsibility for all your actions, whether they be posts, comments, requests, or actions etc. Christ Jesus Ministries, the Admin of this page, and the Moderators of this page, are not liable for the actions taking of the group members in this group or outside this group.

16. These 16 fundamental rules will be re-written at intervals for clarification/practical purposes if the need arises. Rule changes or updates will be announced in the group. Admin may take exception to group rules if the need arises.

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