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An Empty Storehouse?

Written by: John Sernaque


CS - Counsels on Stewardship (1940) Chapter 20—The Response of an Aroused Conscience

A decided advancement in spirituality, piety, charity, and activity, has been made as the result of the special meetings in the—church. Discourses were preached on the sin of robbing God in tithes and offerings.... {CS 95.1}

Many confessed that they had not paid tithes for years; and we know that God cannot bless those who are robbing Him, and that the church must suffer in consequence of the sins of its individual members. There are a large number of names on our church books; and if all would be prompt in paying an honest tithe to the Lord, which is His portion, the treasury would not lack for means.... {CS 95.2}

As the sin of robbing God was presented, the people received clearer views of their duty and privilege in this matter. One brother said that for two years he had not paid his tithes, and he was in despair; but as he confessed his sin, he began to gather hope. “What shall I do?” he asked. {CS 95.3}

I said, “Give your note to the treasurer of the church; that will be businesslike.” {CS 95.4}

He thought that was a rather strange request; but he sat down, and began to write, “For value received, I promise to pay—” He looked up, as if to say, Is that the proper form in which to write out a note to the Lord? {CS 95.5}

“Yes,” he continued, “for value received. Have I not been receiving the blessings of God day after day? Have not the angels guarded me? Has not the Lord blessed me with all spiritual and temporal blessings? For value received, I promise to pay the sum of $571.50 to the church treasurer.” After doing all he could do on his part, he was a happy man. In a few days he took up his note, and paid his tithe into the treasury. He had also made a Christmas donation of $125. {CS 95.6}

Another brother gave a note for $1,000, expecting to meet it in a few weeks; and another gave a note for $300.—The Review and Herald, February 19, 1889. {CS 96.1}

The Bible is like a mirror, when we look in it, we see a reflection of how we have lived and are living our lives’. The Word of God gives us instruction as to how we can live a Christian life. God has provided humankind with the plan of beneficence to take care of His church and to carry out the plan of salvation. If all return God’s portion to His treasury, the gospel truth could be shared throughout the world. It is God’s desire that all His children surrender their life to Him that they would be saved. We can help God’s cause by faithfully giving, which allows us to be faithful witnesses. Remember, God cannot bless those who are robbing Him, which consequently causes God’s church to suffer.

Dear God,

We thank You for Your Word that leads us, guides us, and keeps us on a safe path. Without You, we can do nothing. It is by Your grace that You provide for our families and us. We gladly give back to You that which You have allowed us in gain and pray it will be a blessing to the church and those in need. We pray that all the brethren’s consciences are aroused for them to be faithful and cheerful givers. We pray for Your gospel truth to reach all people near and far, for all to surrender their life to You, and be saved. We pray that we will all one day see You in heaven. We thank You for hearing and answering out prayers, in the name of Christ Jesus we pray. Amen.

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