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Empty Prayers

Written by: John Sernaque


CS - Counsels on Stewardship (1940) Chapter 20—Prayer Not a Substitute for Tithing

Prayer is not intended to work any change in God; it brings us into harmony with God. It does not take the place of duty. Prayer offered ever so often and ever so earnestly will never be accepted by God in the place of our tithe. Prayer will not pay our debts to God.—Messages to Young People, 248. {CS 99.3}

Prayer is our lifeline to heaven. God is always ready to hear and answer prayers of a contrite spirit. However, God will not do for us what we can do for ourselves. God expects us to do our part. He has appointed to us the work of salvation. This work requires our time and resources. God provides us with jobs to earn our wages to provide for our needs. God calls on us to give back of our first fruits in His honor. These means are to provide the necessary resources to spread the everlasting gospel to all nations and peoples. It is not enough only to pray for those in need. Prayer will not pay our debts to God.

Our kind and gracious Father,

We thank You for hearing and answering our contrite prayers. We humbly pray for Your help in continuing to provide for all our needs. We thank You for blessing us and pray that You will bless the means we return to Your treasury for the going forth of the plan of salvation. We thank You for entrusting us with this work. We pray that many receive Your blessings and saving grace for that day when You come again to take Your saints home. We pray for Your help in carrying out our duties in Your name. We pray to be in harmony with You. We praise and thank You, in the name of Christ Jesus, we pray. Amen.

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