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Everyone Is To Be His Own Assessor

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Written by: John Sernaque


CCh - Counsels for the Church (1991) Chapter 48—Counsels on Stewardship

Everyone is to be his own assessor and is left to give as he purposes in his heart. But there are those who are guilty of the same sin as Ananias and Sapphira, thinking that if they withhold a portion of what God claims in the tithing system the brethren will never know it. Thus thought the guilty couple whose example is given us as a warning. God in this case proves that He searches the heart. The motives and purposes of man cannot be hidden from Him. He has left a perpetual warning to Christians of all ages to beware of the sin to which the hearts of men are continually inclined. {CCh 279.6}

When a verbal or written pledge has been made in the presence of our brethren to give a certain amount, they are the visible witnesses of a contract made between ourselves and God. The pledge is not made to man, but to God, and is as a written note given to a neighbor. No legal bond is more binding upon the Christian for the payment of money than a pledge made to God. {CCh 280.1}

A Christian is held to a higher standard of measure than man. This should be made evident in our dealings and pledges made in our daily life with our brethren. How much more so when a Christian makes a pledge to God. Therefore, a pledge that a Christian makes to God is more binding than one made to man. We are required to uphold our end of the contract, which God instituted from the beginning, by following the system of benevolence outlined for us in the Holy Bible. It is a sin to withhold that from God which is His. We do not want to be found guilty as Ananias and Sapphira were by thinking that no one will ever know. God knows as God is a witness to all. Theirs is a warning for us all not to follow our human inclinations but rather to continue in the Word of God. To have God search our hearts, and find His truth and character within us. Amen.

Our kind and gracious Father,

We thank You for giving us another opportunity to return unto You that which belongs to You. We are sorry and repent of our sins. We are sorry for ever withholding the portion which You claim. Not only will our brethren know it, but most of all You will know it. We ask for the forgiveness of our sins. We purpose in our hearts to uphold our end of the contract that was instituted by You in the beginning. That the work of salvation may continue to go forward in the furtherance of Your cause. Keep us faithful in our giving. We thank You for hearing and answering our prayers. It’s in the name of Jesus Christ we pray. Amen.

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