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God is not at Fault

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Written by: Christopher Sernaque

Dear Readers,

The opening lines of Proverbs, with Solomon's admonition for his readers to "know wisdom", takes our minds back to the speeches of Elihu in the book of Job. (Prov. 1:2) The book of Job, like no other book, reveals the Great Controversy theme. Christ and His Angels are up against Satan and his Angels in a cosmic conflict to win the hearts of humanity. Satan challenged God, that if he were permitted to break Job's heart, then Job would curse God to His face. (Job 1 and 2) Knowing the end from the beginning, God, in His infinite wisdom, permitted the Devil to demolish Job's heart. Rather than provide Job with comfort after the loss of his home and family, his three friends only served to torment him and make him miserable. (Job 16:2)

Until a young man by the name of Elihu, although imperfect and not all knowing, came with a message on Biblical Creation and the Justice of God, in a new philosophy of suffering. Elihu waited until the elders had finished speaking, but pointed out that being older cannot be equivocated with being wise. (Job 32:7-9) Describing himself as a bottle about to burst, Elihu proceeded to justify God in the midst of suffering. (Job 32:2,19) That is what it is to be wise. A thousand proverbs cannot out way this fact, "God is greater than man." (Job 33:12) Thankfully, we need not be left in the pit to sink for God has "found a ransom." (Job 33:24) It hurts to have a broken heart, yet "far be it from God, that he should do wickedness; and from the Almighty, that he should commit iniquity." (Job 34:11) The "Almighty will not pervert judgment" and "hearth the cry of the afflicted." (Job 34:12, 28)

Wisdom is to "speak on God's behalf" even though we are suffering. (Job 36:2) Wisdom is to "ascribe righteous" to the Maker of the world, thereby acknowledging God as "mighty in strength in wisdom" though we are "poor in our affliction." (Job 36:3,5) God does not despise us and He reveals unto us just enough love as we need at a time. (Job 36:5) That was the purpose of the Sanctuary, God wanted to be with His people, but He would reveal His love in proportion to what His people could handle. (Ex 25:8) When we love someone it is very easy to want to shower them with as much love as possible, but God can help guide our love through each phase of His own. With trembling hearts that have been moved out of place, let us learn that "Touching the Almighty, we cannot find him out: He is excellent in power, and in judgment, and in plenty of justice: he will not afflict." (Job 37:23)

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