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My Friend

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Written by: Our Great Aunt Marit Jacobsen

My Friend

I have a friend who walks with me,

Where'er I choose to stray,

He lifts me up and talks with me,

Along the weary way.

He tells me of the many joys,

That are in store for me,

If I but follow in His steps,

And leave the stormy sea.

This friend of mine, is sweet and kind,

His face is filled with love,

If you could only talk with Him,

You'd know He's from above.

And if perchance you meet Him,

As you go along your way

Reach out and touch His gentle hand,

and find your peace today.

He'll give you all your hearts desires,

If you will welcome Him,

He wants you for His very own,

You'll find His love within.

This friend will always guide you,

He'll lead you every day,

To heights you never dreamed of,

In His plain and simple way.

He has the power to heal you,

You'll know much happiness,

He has the key to heaven,

Our home of eternal rest.

This dearest friend that I have found,

I'd like to share with you,

Won't you reach out and take His hand,

He wants to walk with you.

His name is Jesus.

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