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A Great Volunteer Work

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Written by: Caylee Sernaque

Be generous in love, show them their needed Give them the hope that not everyone is self-conceded Tell them of Jesus and the life He gave Living a humble life so we could be saved Bring them to Christ, the lifeboat’s Captain And they’ll be glad that the encounter happened

When looking back they can fondly remember The love in your heart, it’s warmth as an ember When they needed help, one of Christ’s followers came And because of it, their life is not the same It changed for the better because one person cared You passed on Christ’s love, to them it was shared

Hungry and thirsty souls are everywhere Will you give them your help, your time, and your prayers? Homeless, orphaned, helpless, overwhelmed- do not pass these by You may be the last person to reach them before they sadly die Christ donated His life to save people like me and you What will you do reach precious souls? oh what will you do?

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