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My Maker is my Husband

Written by: Caylee Sernaque

The Lord call thee, as who has been grieved

The Lord calls thee, as one who has felt shame

The Lord calls thee, as one who wast refused

The Lord calls thee- the LORD of hosts is his name

Refrain: My Maker is my Husband,

I gladly am his bride

Nobody else can take the spot

Where he stands by my side

For a moment, God hid his face in wrath

For a moment, God has forsaken thee

But with mercy, He’s everlasting kind

God so loves thee, thy Redeemer is he

I have promised to not rebuke, nor be wroth

I have promised floods won’t cover the earth

I have promised my covenant shall remain

The Holy One of Israel- to him you’re of much worth

O thou afflicted, who is tossed with tempest

O thou afflicted, without comfort have balled

Thou shalt not fear, Christ stands near to you

"The God of the whole earth shall he be called."

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