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O, Potter’s Hands

Written by: Caylee Sernaque

O, Creator, how merciful thou art

I pray that I may have a measure of thy tender heart

My sins they are many, where do I even start?

I must repent, thou hast already done thy part

Refrain: O, Potter’s hands, mold and shape me

O, Potter’s hands, make me more like thee

As a vessel created by thy divine hands above,

Let me be a light to shine forth the Potter’s love

O, Father, I’m sorry for the sins I have done,

That crucified thy precious, innocent son

But through His blood the victory is won

The pure, straight path I’m now able to run

O, Savior, from glory thou camest so low,

To redeem us and give an example to show

That we can live sinless, even whiter than snow

As your jewel, polish me, so that I can glow

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