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October 22, 1844

Written by: Caylee Sernaque

October twenty-second, 1844.

The day of disappointment, the pioneers’ hearts were sore.

But the date was correct, the event wasn’t right.

Christ moved from Holy to Most Holy but wasn’t coming back that night.

Refrain: And since that day, in the Most Holy, I’m interceding.

My blood, Father, my blood, my blood, my blood, for them I’m pleading.

Go to Daniel 8:14 to understand God’s ways

The Sanctuary will be cleansed after 2,300 days.

But the Sanctuary’s not on earth, but in heaven above.

That’s where the cleansing took place that this verse speaks of.

The work of intercession in the Most Holy Place.

The High Priest is going over each person’s case.

He’s either blotting out names or blotting out sins.

Before Christ stands up, which group will you be in?

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