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The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Written by: Caylee Sernaque

It all began in heaven, all glorious and pure

With an overcharging angel, his name was Lucifer

Then of himself he thought highly, his heart was full of pride

Opposed to God he made a lie and spread it far and wide

In the harmony of Eden, the serpent came with his lie

Saying the words to the woman, “Ye shall not surely die.”

So Eve partook, as did Adam, ‘tis was mankind’s fall

For this is why Christ came to die, so He could save us all

Through patriarchs and prophets; kings, apostles of old,

The battle still continued, the story was retold

Christ's servants were persecuted, oh how their faith was tried!

Through stormy blasts, their trust did last, for God was on their side

The Desire of Ages was sought to be killed from His birth

Satan tried to stop Christ’s ministry, on this sinful earth

But He came out more than victorious, His life was full of no loss

“Behold Him in the wilderness, in Gethsemane, upon the cross!”

Martyrs gave up their lives for Christ; death’s signature they signed

God’s messengers stood up for His truth, which in the dark ages was confined

The reformers, pilgrims, preachers, afflicted had to run

They hid in rocks and trees, but blessed are ye, if you do for God’s own Son

The Great Controversy between Christ and Satan

Between good and evil, obedience and sin

And since we have fallen, our Savior came to save man

The Lamb’s blood of mercy, spilled for our salvation

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