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The Tender Love of Jesus

Written by: Christopher Sernaque

The Tender Love of Jesus

With tender interests the Holy Beings watched His birth

The whole world was made brighter with the tender Savior’s noblest mirth

Jesus’ tender sympathy is a fountain of healing mercy for the earth

He who’s tender power upholds all the worlds, would stoop to relieve fallen birds

This account of Jesus can never be surpassed, for it is the tenderest love story ever heard

If not for the tender compassion of Jesus, our soul’s salvation would have never occurred

Often the tender Prince of Peace would meet those under Satan’s power

Tenderly, to those who would be washed, He gave blessings in abundant showers

The sick, the tempted, and the fallen who trust in the tender King of Kings have no need to cower

The Alpha and Omega has a tenderness that condemns pride in all its forms

The bright morning star shines with a tenderness that will completely transform-

The lives of those whose hearts are made tender, by the life He gave out of a love warm

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