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All Have Sinned & Need a Saviour

Written by: John Sernaque

Call to Worship

1 Samuel 2:17

2:17 Wherefore the sin of the young men was very great before the LORD: for men abhorred the offering of the LORD.

Typical Service the Connecting Link—

The typical service was the connecting link between God and Israel. The sacrificial offerings were designed to prefigure the sacrifice of Christ, and thus to preserve in the hearts of the people an unwavering faith in the Redeemer to come. Hence, in order that the Lord might accept their sacrifices, and continue His presence with them, and, on the other hand, that the people might have a correct knowledge of the plan of salvation, and a right understanding of their duty, it was of the utmost importance that holiness of heart and purity of life, reverence for God, and strict obedience to His requirements, should be maintained by all connected with the sanctuary (The Signs of the Times, December 1, 1881). {2BC 1010.3}

Sins of Priests Caused Some to Offer Own Sacrifices—

As the men of Israel witnessed the corrupt course of the priests, they thought it safer for their families not to come up to the appointed place of worship. Many went from Shiloh with their peace disturbed, their indignation aroused, until they at last determined to offer their sacrifices themselves, concluding that this would be fully as acceptable to God, as to sanction in any manner the abominations practiced in the sanctuary ( The Signs of the Times, December 1, 1881). {2BC 1010.4}

The young men referenced were the sons of Eli, who did not know God. The Bible states they were sons of Belial, meaning they were wicked, evil, naughty, ungodly men. Their sin was very great before God. They sacrificed unto God, but in their own way. The people saw it more fit to offer sacrifices themselves instead of following the corrupt course of Eli’s sons and the abominations practiced in the sanctuary. Sadly, as done by the sons of Eli, so it is today whereby pastors and ministers of the church practice abominations in the sanctuary. The word of God has become an a la carte menu, choose what you like, and do as you will. God’s seven-day creation taught as myth and not fact and in its place the theory of evolution. Gay marriages, baptism by sprinkling of water and not full immersion. The list goes on. Little effort comes from the pulpit to uphold Bible truths. There is more effort made to appease the senses than the teaching of Bible truths. There is more concern in receiving your tithe than you receiving your salvation. It is of little wonder why so many leave the church. The emptiness felt by souls makes for emptiness in the church.

Our Father, which art in heaven,

We come before You into Your presence in thanksgiving, praise, and to bring our petitions before You. We are so thankful for You watching over us, protecting us, and keeping us safe. We thank You for Your right hand of power that holds us up when we are faint in the battle. We thank You for all of Your Bible truths, and not only ones we feel apply to us. We pray for continual leading of the Your Holy Spirit to lead us in the way we should go, that is Your way and not ours. We surrender our life to You to will and to do of Your good pleasure. We are but mere mortals without Your saving truths. We pray that You write Your laws in our hearts and minds that we may never forget them. We pray for Your wisdom and understanding when we study Your word. We pray that You speak to us and that we hear, receive, and understand Your message to us. We pray for Your word from on High, for us to meditate on in our hearts, souls, and minds and share with others unto their salvation. We pray for strength and courage to not compromise Your word or be led astray from false doctrines and theories promulgated all around us, even in the church. We pray for pastors, ministers, and for all to fall on the rock and not live their life on sinking sand. We pray for all the missionaries out there who are bringing the everlasting gospel to those that do not know You. Please keep them safe while they minister and help those in the work You have given them to do. We pray to honor and glorify Your name, and let not our will, but let Thy will be done. We thank You for hearing and answering our prayers, in the name of Christ Jesus, we pray. Amen.

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