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Darkness Brought Into the Churches

Written by: John Sernaque


CS - Counsels on Stewardship (1940) Chapter 17—Darkness Brought Into the Churches

Some fail to educate the people to do their whole duty. They preach that part of our faith which will not create opposition and displease their hearers; but they do not declare the whole truth. The people enjoy their preaching; but there is a lack of spirituality, because the claims of God are not met. His people do not give Him in tithes and offerings that which is His own. This robbery of God, which is practiced by both rich and poor, brings darkness into the churches; and the minister who labors with them, and who does not show them the plainly revealed will of God, is brought under condemnation with the people, because he neglects his duty.—The Review and Herald, April 8, 1884. {CS 87.2}

Selfish Withholding Recorded- God reads the covetous thought in every heart that purposes to withhold from Him. Those who are selfishly neglectful in paying their tithes, and bringing their gifts and offerings to the treasury, God sees. The Lord Jehovah understands it all. As a book of remembrance is written before Him of them that fear the Lord, and that think upon His name, so there is a record kept of all who are appropriating to themselves the gifts which God entrusted to them to use for the salvation of souls.—The Review and Herald, May 16, 1893. {CS 87.3}

If you love God, you would want to do everything possible that is right, favorable, and well pleasing in His sight. This includes returning to His treasury that which He requires from all, rich or poor. Withholding from God brings darkness into the church, and a dark church is a dead church. The Spirit of the Lord will pass by these churches and will record the names of those withholding God’s money entrusted to them for the salvation of souls. God sees everything. There is no hiding from God. Be faithful in your stewardship to one day hear God’s words to you, “well done, my good and faithful servant.”

Our kind and gracious Father,

We thank You for the honor and privilege of being co laborers with You in the plan of salvation. We thank You for providing for all our needs in abundance. We pray for Your continued help to gain means that help provide for our families and ourselves. We joyfully return unto You that which You require from us, that it will help further the work of salvation and help those in need. Keep us faithful in our giving and may You bless the means we return unto Your treasury. We pray You do not pass us by. Thank You for hearing and answering our prayers, in the name of Christ Jesus, we pray. Amen.

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