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Educating Children With Money

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Written by: John Sernaque


CCh - Counsels for the Church (1991) Chapter 48—Counsels on Stewardship

Do not educate your children to think that your love for them must be expressed by indulgence of their pride, extravagance, and love of display. There is no time now to invent ways for using up money. Use your inventive faculties in seeking to economize. Instead of gratifying selfish inclination, spending money for those things that destroy the reasoning faculties, study how to deny self, that you may have something to invest in lifting the standard of truth in new fields. The intellect is a talent; use it in studying how best to employ your means for the salvation of souls. {CCh 282.2}

The money habits that are developed in your children early on will serve them well upon their reaching adulthood. The earlier you start, the better. Later on, if trained properly, they will not be as easily influenced by the world around them. They will shun the excesses and indulgences that are such a part of human nature, which was instilled in man by Satan himself. Let the Word of God be your instruction manual so that you nor your children will be deceived. Do not take your families’ salvation lightly, thinking that you have time to do these things later on. Do them now, God will provide. Train your children to value the work of salvation today, and they will reap their reward as they are joined into God’s royal family.

Dear God, Father Almighty,

We thank You for giving us the privilege of being stewards of Your children and the means with which You provide for us. You do not need our money, but You have asked us to be co laborers with You in carrying out Your plan of salvation. Help us to not spend Your money in gratifying our selfish inclinations and help us train our children likewise. We pray that You will bless the monies that are put forth to carry out the work You have asked us to do. Let Your everlasting gospel be preached unto all nations, kindreds, and tongues. Help us continue this work that it may hasten Your second advent. We repent of our sins and ask for forgiveness. In the name of Christ Jesus, we pray. Amen.

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