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Half-hearted Service Cannot Please God

Written by: John Sernaque

Call to Worship

1 Chronicles 29:5

29:5 The gold for [things] of gold, and the silver for [things] of silver, and for all manner of work [to be made] by the hands of artificers. And who [then] is willing to consecrate his service this day unto the LORD?

Half-hearted Service Cannot Please God—

[1 Chronicles 29:5 quoted.] The response came not only in liberal offerings of treasures to meet the expense of the building, but also in willing service in the various lines of God’s work. Hearts were filled with a desire to return to the Lord His own, by consecrating to His service all the energies of mind and body. Those upon whom had been placed burdens of state, determined to labor heartily and unselfishly, using for God the skill and ability He had given them. {3BC 1129.6}

David’s exhortation to Solomon, and his appeal to the burden-bearers of the nation, should be kept in mind by those who are in positions of trust in the Lord’s cause today. In this our day God’s people will prosper only so long as they keep His precepts; and those who bear responsibilities are called upon to consecrate their service to the Lord. Conference officers, church officers, managers and heads of departments in our institutions, laborers in the field at home and abroad,—all are to render faithful service by using their talents wholly for God. The Lord is not pleased with half-hearted service. To Him we owe all that we have and are (The Review and Herald, September 14, 1905). {3BC 1129.7}

We all have God given talents. God has given us all different skills for the same purpose, to serve Him with gladness. These talents we are to put to use in serving God and His kingdom. There is nothing worse than wasted talent. There is a need for all types of workers in these last days and everyone is called forth. We are to put our all into the work, halfhearted effort will not do and will not please God. God gave us talents to complete the work appointed to us to go forth in proclaiming the everlasting gospel. We are to put our minds, bodies, and souls in returning to God His own. Consecrate your service to the Lord and labor heartily and unselfishly with the skills God has given you. God says that His people will prosper as long as they keep His precepts. We are living in a time where sin abounds. Sin is not only accepted but is also encouraged. Submit yourself to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you. Receive the Spirit and reflect the light given you unto those who are in the dark. They need but to receive a glimmer of light that they may see their way out of the snares of Satan and made free.

Dear God,

We thank You for giving us talents to use in serving You and the kingdom of heaven. We all have been blessed with different talents but all for the same purpose, to serve You. We know that we should not waste these talents. Collectively, we can do all things through Christ Jesus that strengthens us. We submit ourselves to You in Your service. We pray that You help us continue in the work and apply Your given talents with all our hearts, minds, and souls. Please help us help others not to waste the talents that they were blessed with. We pray for strength, wisdom, and understanding to continue to go forth with the good news to all nations and peoples. We consecrate our service to You this day and every day of our blessed life. Please use us and continue to shape us and mold us into the Christians we need to be. We pray to be skillful and responsible with our talents. We are Your vessels and pray to be filled with oil from on High. We pray that our cup overflows with oil to impart unto others who are lacking. Please watch over us and protect us as we go about doing Your business. We will suffer persecution while trying to gather up souls for the heavenly kingdom. However, as You did, we will go out to find the one lost sheep at all costs. Thank You for showing us the way. We pray to have the courage to put our all into the work as You did and not go about it halfheartedly. Every soul saved is one more saint in the Royal family. We pray to labor heartily and unselfishly with the skills You have blessed us. May all the glory be to You. We thank You and praise You, in the name of Christ Jesus, we pray. Amen.

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