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Have the Spirit to Help Those in Need

Written by: John Sernaque


CS - Counsels on Stewardship (1940) Chapter 20— Pale at Thought of Withheld Tithe

Many, many have lost the spirit of self-denial and sacrifice. They have been burying their money in temporal possessions. There are men whom God has blessed, whom He is testing to see what response they will make to His benefits. They have withheld their tithes and offerings until their debt to the Lord God of hosts has become so great that they grow pale at the thought of rendering to the Lord His own,—a just tithe. Make haste, brethren, you have now the opportunity to be honest with God; delay not.—General Conference Daily Bulletin, February 28, 1893. {CS 97.2}

What have you been doing with your money? Have you been selfishly using it for self and family? Are you storing up earthly treasures? Have you put any of it for the advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven? God blesses you and tests you to see what you do with His blessing. It is not too late if you start today. Pay your tribute to the Lord through His various channels to support evangelism and helping the needy. Practice the spirit of self-denial and sacrifice. Be honest with your giving and donations for God’s cause. The truth will make you free and save you.

Our kind and gracious Father,

We thank You for being so good to us. For supplying our provisions to get through life here on earth. We have learned not to store up treasures here on earth as they will rust and be moth eaten. We pray to store up our treasures in heaven where we can spend eternity with You and all the heavenly angels. Where the wolf and the lamb shall feed together, and the lion shall eat straw like the bullock: and dust [shall be] the serpent's meat. We thank You for all Your blessings today and all that are in store for us to come. We thank You for making us Your disciples, giving us the truth that makes us free. We thank You for hearing and answering our prayers, in the name of Christ Jesus, we pray. Amen.

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