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Praying for a Great Harvest

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Written by: John Sernaque

Dear Reader,

Books / Pr - Prayer (2002) / Chapter 4—Prayer And Soul Winning

Everyone Can Pray for Souls—Not all are called to personal labor in foreign fields, but all can do something by their prayers and their gifts to aid the missionary work.—( Testimonies for the Church 6:29.) {Pr 41.3}

Brethren and sisters, have you forgotten that your prayers should go out, like sharp sickles, with the laborers in the great harvest field?—(Testimonies for the Church 3:162.) {Pr 41.4}

Let those who are spiritual converse with these souls. Pray with and for them. Let much time be spent in prayer and close searching of the word. Let all obtain the real facts of faith in their own souls through belief that the Holy Spirit will be imparted to them because they have a real hungering and thirsting after righteousness.—( Testimonies for the Church 6:65.) {Pr 41.5}

When the gospel net is cast, let there be a watching by the net, with tears and earnest prayer. Let the workers determine not to become discouraged; and not to let go the net until it is drawn ashore, with the fruit of their labor.—(The Signs of the Times, March 16, 1882.) {Pr 41.6}

How can we honor God, how can we vindicate His word, unless we are much in prayer appealing to Him to manifest His power in behalf of the perishing?—( The Review and Herald, August 23, 1892.) {Pr 42.1}

When we are not able to labor in the field, we can still enter into deep and earnest prayer for the souls of the world. Surely, there are specific persons or groups that come to mind that are in need of prayer. Pray for them, and with them. Lift up your brothers and sisters, the broken, poor, homeless, widows, and orphans. Pray in the name of Christ Jesus, our mediator in heaven. For what you ask in His name, He will do. Expect great things from God, pray in faith, cast the gospel net, and He will hear and answer your prayers.

Our Father, which art in heaven,

We reverently come before You into Your presence in thanksgiving and praise. We are so grateful for the opportunity and privilege of prayer. We pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to fill us, abide in us that we may draw closer to You and You closer to us. We welcome this opportunity to do a work for You. Our prayer is to reach as many souls as possible and minister to them right where they are. When we are not physically able to be with them, it is our prayer that the Holy Spirit touches the lost souls of this world. That when You knock on the door of their hearts, they hear Your voice and let You in. May they experience true heart conversion, be born again as new creatures, and return unto Your fold. We lift up our brothers and sisters, the broken, poor, homeless, widows, and orphans, and anyone who does not know You and the love You have for them. We pray that no one is left behind because no one ever cared to tell him or her of the Good News, the everlasting gospel. We pray that not only are we able to pray for them, but also with them. Please let us be at the right place at the right time for that person who needs to learn of Your saving grace. May You please manifest Your power on their behalf. We also pray for strength and courage for all the workers who are casting the net of the everlasting gospel. May all Your children enter into deep and earnest prayer for perishing souls. May we all hear Your voice and follow wherever the Lamb leads. You have told us to expect great things if we ask in faith, in Your name. We thank You for hearing and answering our prayers, in the name of Christ Jesus, we pray. Amen.

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