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The Moral Law Enjoined the Observance of the Sabbath

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Written by: John Sernaque


Counsels for the Church Chapter 48- Counsels on Stewardship/The Privilege of being a Co-laborer with God

The moral law enjoined the observance of the Sabbath, which was not a burden except when that law was transgressed and they were bound by the penalties involved in breaking it. The tithing system was no burden to those who did not depart from the plan. The system enjoined upon the Hebrews has not been repealed or relaxed by the One who originated it. Instead of being of no force now, it was to be more fully carried out and more extended, as salvation through Christ alone should be more fully brought to light in the Christian age. {CCh 275.2}

The gospel, extending and widening, required greater provisions to sustain the warfare after the death of Christ, and this made the law of almsgiving a more urgent necessity than under the Hebrew government. Now God requires, not less, but greater gifts than at any other period of the world. The principle laid down by Christ is that the gifts and offerings should be in proportion to the light and blessings enjoyed. He has said: “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required.” Luke 12:48. {CCh 275.3}

But I have bills to pay, I have debts to repay. I’m trying to save up for my property in the country. Maybe next time I can give. I’ve been there. Why do we consider departing from tithes and/or offerings? Do we consider departing from keeping the Sabbath? Tithing is as much a requirement from God as is keeping the Sabbath. But it is such a sacrifice for me, I just don’t have anything to give. I’ve been there as well. Did not the widow make a sacrifice giving everything she had? Well, God looked upon her giving with much favor, even more so than to those who gave more than she, as she gave her all and the others only gave out of their abundance. Did not One make a much, much greater sacrifice for us? I gave, I gave my life for thee, what has thou given for me?

Our Father in Heaven,

We thank You for this opportunity and privilege to be co-laborers with You in Your plan of salvation. As You have clothed us and fed us, we pray that our offerings will help in clothing and feeding You, as You have said that if we do not do this for Your people, we do not do it for You. We honor Your Sabbath and Tithes and Offerings, as these are but two of Your requirements for us. May what we give unto Your treasury on Your Holy Sabbath Day be favorable in Your sight and help further the work that You have entrusted to us. Forgive us of our sins. We thank You and praise You, we Trust you, in the name of Jesus Christ we pray. Amen.

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