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The Reward of the White Raiment

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Written by: John Sernaque

Call to Worship

Revelation 3: 4-5

3:4 Thou hast a few names even in Sardis which have not defiled their garments; and they shall walk with me in white: for they are worthy.

3:5 He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels.

True and Loyal and Faithful—

[Revelation 3:4, 5 quoted.] This is the reward to be given to those who have obtained a pure and spotless character, who before the world have held fast to the faith. Jesus Christ will confess their names before the Father and before His angels. They have been true and loyal and faithful. Through evil report as well as good report they have practiced and taught the truth (Manuscript 26, 1905). {7BC 960.4}

Imagine, going to heaven and having Christ Jesus personally introduce you to the Father and to our angels. However, for that to happen, we must be worthy of having our names written in the book of life. For Christ Jesus was slain, and has redeemed us to God by His blood. We must hold fast to our faith by confessing the name of Christ Jesus to all, for whosoever believeth on Him shall not be ashamed. We must confess and repent of our sins, take off our filthy rags, to be clothed in the robe of righteousness. Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power, [be] unto him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever. Revelation 5: 13.

Dear God,

We come humbly into Your presence in thanksgiving and praise. You are the lamb without spot and we are not worthy of tying the strap of Your sandal. We thank You for giving us the victory over sin through Your selfless sacrifice on Calvary, redeeming us to the Father by Your blood. We pray that by Your strength, we will overcome the sins and evil temptations of this world, take off our filthy rags, and put on the robe of righteousness. May we be worthy of having our names written in the book of life for You to confess our names before the Father and our angels. We pray for Your soon coming, that we may live with You forever and ever. We thank You for hearing and answering our prayers, and it is in Your name, Christ Jesus, we pray. Amen.

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