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Wait Not for Appeals

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Written by: John Sernaque


CS - Counsels on Stewardship (1940) Chapter 8— Wait Not for Appeals

Our people are not to wait for more appeals, but are to lay right hold of the work, making those things which appear impossibilities, possibilities. Let each one ask himself, Has not the Lord entrusted me with means for the advancement of His cause? ... {CS 44.2}

Let us be honest with the Lord. All the blessings that we enjoy come from Him; and if He has entrusted us with the talent of means, that we may help to do His work, shall we hold back? Shall we say, No, Lord; my children would not be pleased, and therefore I shall venture to disobey God, burying His talent in the earth? {CS 44.3}

There should be no delay. The cause of God demands your assistance. We ask you, as the Lord’s stewards, to put His means into circulation, to provide facilities by which many will have the opportunity of learning what is truth. {CS 44.4}

The servant that hid the one talent in the ground was called a wicked and lazy servant. God knows all; nothing can be hidden from God. He has entrusted us with the means to take care of our families and ourselves and asks for little in return. God does not need our money; all the gold and silver are His. However, we are to give back to God that which is His for the benefit of humankind, for the advancement of His cause. We are not to wait for an appeal; we are to be ready to give that others may receive the saving truth. As God’s stewards, this is our call to answer, that we may be called good and faithful servants. Amen.

God Almighty,

We come before You to give You thanks for all the blessings that we receive and enjoy by Your loving and merciful Hand. You know all, so it is our prayer that we may continue to assist You in carrying forward the plan of salvation. We thank You for providing for all of our needs that we may be able to lay hold of the work and not wait for an appeal for means. Let us give back immediately so that others will receive Your saving truth. Keep us faithful in our giving by putting Your means back into circulation for Your heavenly kingdom. We thank you for hearing and answering our prayers, in the name of Christ Jesus, we pray. Amen.

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